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          Centre, which is supported by the Ministry of Development in the years 2009-2012, the number 2010K120390, "Central Laboratory" has been established for the purpose of doing infrastructure projects. Centre regulation has been made on date 01.06.2013 and published in Official Gazette No. 28,664. And regulations have been made and entered into force on 02.22.2013 with assigned manager.
          The objectives of the center of the ongoing activities of the central board decision from that date:
  • The Regulation of research and development activities in basic and applied field of organizational framework,
  • Create a research environment that includes joint working groups which are creative and efficient,
  • To strengthen university-industry cooperation and speeding up the transfer of practical consequences to industry,
  • To provide the opportunity to be met qualified researcher brain power with interdisciplinary and/or multi-disciplinary scientific research,
  • To provide the needs of the public and private sectors or will need in the future, like experiments, tests and provide opportunities for R&D work, in this way constitutes an important step to university-industry collaboration
  • To ensure the development of joint research activities with Abant Izzet Baysal University and other universities, and for this purpose, Abant Izzet Baysal University will provide the opportunity to work with other researchers for joint projects,
  • To prepare the working environment of the project works with the support of the International organizations, scientific research projects of the university, industry and other public institutions
  • Making a significant contribution to the university's researchers towards the quality and quantity of the development potential with providing the advanced research facilities.
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